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  • Endeavour’s Music program provides a multi-modal approach where music is used as a tool to involve the child at many levels. This not only helps develop your child musically, but aims to develop their social, cognitive and physical skills. Because music is engaging, motivating, fun and playful, it is the ideal method to develop your child’s learning.

    Music is success-oriented and all inclusive, allowing children to participate at their own level and pace. Music is also a universal language that crosses all cultural lines bringing children together.

    Our facilitator, Louise Terry-Clark, is a trained musician, professional singer, Registered Music Therapist (RMT) and Registered Guided Imagery and Music Therapist /Music Psychotherapist (RGIMT). She also holds the position of Vice Chair for the Australian Music Therapy Association (AMTA NSW).

    Louise has run music classes in pre-schools, day care centers, playgroups and special education schools. Using evidence based research, Louise has created a music program that will not only fully engage your child but will help develop the whole child.