Meet our Room Leader

  • Keely Bloom
    Early Learners Room Leader
  • Meet our Early Learners Room Leader, Keely Bloom

    Experience in Childcare:

    My passion for early childhood education began during my younger years of schooling, and continued to grow after completing work experience in a long day care centre during year 10, as well as through nannying and babysitting roles.
    I decided completing a bachelor of teaching at Macquarie University was the path for me, and have recently completed my degree at the end of 2012.
    I have completed practicum placements at a range of centres and have worked with children from birth to six years. A highlight was completing an internship with ‘SDN Children’s Services’ as a result of a scholarship award; where I explored leadership roles when working in the three to five years room.
    I am excited and look forward to placing the current theory and knowledge I have into practice, as well as furthering and developing my knowledge and self as a professional teacher.

    What do you love about your job?

    I love being able to play a role in children’s lives and being able to support and guide them in their growth and development. Having a conversation or sharing in an experience with a young child, is something I cherish, as I find it fascinating and insightful to gain access into a child’s perspective and their views on certain events and occurrences in their surrounding environment.
    We can learn an incredible amount of things, from children, just the same as they can learn from us.

    What is one of your main strengths?

    I have an enthusiastic and calming/gentle nature which allows me to relate to children at their level, and provides a supportive and friendly environment encouraging of their growth and development.
    I am highly motivated and organised person, and with my university knowledge, experiences and placements to support me, I am eager to jump in and develop, in collaboration with others, a supportive program for children to play, explore, question, grow and achieve.

    What are your hobbies?

    I love to read and be engrossed in a good book that I just cannot put down. I am also a fan of outdoor activity and sports; I organise a mixed oz tag team for a comp that we play in weekly.

    A funny fact about yourself:

    In year 5 I started at an agricultural based school, it was a bit of a shock to discover chickens roamed the school freely and would often make appearances in numerous classrooms. Not being a fan of chickens myself, I would often dread last period science as it meant gathering up and catching the chickens to get them in the shed for the night.