Why Choose Endeavour?

  • We provide Excellence in Education and Care

    Our Environment

    We use recycled resources wherever possible and promote sustainability in all we do. Our natural outdoor play area makes use of timber sleepers, certified organic soft fall chip bark, natural turf and native grasses to allow the children to play close to nature.

    Our outdoor play area includes a dirt play area. “If you need yet another good reason to convince yourself or your kids to go outside and get your hands in the dirt, here it is: new research reveals that a bacterium in the soil not only lowers depression and anxiety but also can make you smarter! “ (www.kidsafensw.org)

    Our outdoor play area has several large garden beds that our children will use to plant fruit and vegetables that we will then collect and eat to encourage healthy snacking.

    Our indoor rooms are designed to encourage children’s participation and exploration, imagination and discovery through the use of selected education equipment, natural materials and natural light. Your children will delight in both our outdoor and indoor environments.

    Our Nutrition

    Wherever possible, we to use locally grown, fresh, organic produce. All the meals and snacks we provide for our children are prepared fresh daily by our dedicated onsite chef to the highest food safety standards.

    In our outdoor space, we have two large garden beds for our children to grow fruit and vegetables in and we will be using this produce as often as possible.

    What we offer

    We offer the best care and education for our children. We have built our centre with the wants and needs of our children at the forefront. That’s why our children love being at Endeavour, whether they are partaking in one of our tailored activities indoors or playing in our state of the art outdoor environment.

    We offer a comprehensive suite of holistically focused development programs. We engage the hearts and minds of our children, their families and our community.

    Where required, we provide nappies and full support in toilet training.